UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain

UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain

Britain has recently enjoyed temperatures of up to 27C - but, it seems, the summer sunshine is about to be replaced by 10 days of rain.

Weather experts have warned a cool front is coming in from the Atlantic.

But while forecasters have said Wimbledon and Glastonbury will receive some rain, they won't necessarily be total 'washouts'.

Speaking to Aol Travel, Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, said: "It will be cooler and fresher for the next few days, but mainly dry over the south.

"Next week is looking unsettled and a bit wetter over the south.

"It will be cool and mostly cloudy on Saturday over the north and east, but clear and sunny for the south west. Light showers over the north.

"This weekend - Saturday - there'll be a lot of cloud over the UK and some spits of light rain too as weak fronts move eastwards. There'll be brighter and sunny spells over the west later. Showers will follow across the north west.

"The warmest areas will be south east Wales and south west Midlands reaching 20 to 21C.

"On Sunday expect some heavy showers over Scotland. There's a risk of hail and thunder. There could be a few showers over the east of England too but dry over the south west.

"It will be cool in the north and cooler over the west. The warmest areas will be East Sussex and Kent reaching 21C."

Moving onto next week, he added: "There are still big differences in the detail for next week related to the position of the jet stream.

"Early next week looks cool with sunshine and showers for the north while over central and southern areas Atlantic fronts may well bring a spell of more persistent rain.

"Still showers for the north and west from mid-week but the south becoming drier.

"Temperatures will be cool early next week and staying cool over the north, but lifting to near normal over the south.

"For Wimbledon we still expect precipitation amounts to be below normal so not a washout, but there will be showers at times.

"Temperatures starting near to slightly above normal then becoming a bit cooler - so pleasant temperatures for tennis and no heatwave."

Europe's best beaches (according to Lonely Planet)
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UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain
This pebble beach is made up of two sections, one of which used to be a nudist beach. Popular with tourists looking to enjoy a spot of sunbathing, the beach has also gained notoriety for the concerts it has hosted over the past few years, including the Rolling Stones. 
Peniche is known for its long beach and excellent surfing waters. Close to the Ilhas Berlengas nature reserve, Peniche has a historic centre with a coastal fort and plenty of opportunity for visitors to get involved with water sport lessons and activities. 
Rondinara Beach sits on a horseshoe shaped bay and is known for its beautiful white sands and clear blue waters. There is also a smaller beach just off the main beach at Rodinara which can be accessed easily and offers plenty of walking trails to visitors. 

Cala Goloritzé in Sardinia is unreachable by car or boat so visitors must make their way to the stunning beach on foot which gives you the chance to take in some of the stunning scenery before you relax on the sand. 

Iceland is known for its iconic black sand beaches made of black basalt and Vík is no exception. The striking cliffs surrounding the beach are home to a host of wildlife including puffins. 
One of Devon's premier beaches, Bantham can be found in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Visitors to the beach can expect stunning views over Bigbury Bay and Burgh Island. The shallow and sandy bay makes the area perfect for swimming and paddling. 
This natural bay in the north west of Scotland is unreachable by car, instead you have to make your way to the one mile stretch of sand on foot but it will be worth it for the stunning views found at the end of the walk. 
Cala Macarella can be found in the south of Menorca and the smooth white sands and turquoise waters are overlooked by rocky cliffs and palm trees. Take a stroll along the shore to discover the second, smaller cove at Cala Macarella. 
Voutoumi is one of Antipaxos's two main beaches and although it has a pebble shoreline as soon as you get into the water the ground underfoot is sandy. Voutoumi boats some of the clearest waters in Europe, making it the perfect location for snorkelling and swimming. 
The Curonian Spit is 98km long curved sand dune spit which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pine forests in the area are home to plenty of fascinating wildlife including deer and elk. 

Best places for a family holiday in Europe (Lonely Planet)
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UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain

Known as the 'garden of England' thanks to its gentle hills and ranging countryside, not to mention its beautiful coastline dotted with sandy beaches including Whitstable and Broadstairs, Kent has been crowned Lonely Planet's best place in Europe for a family holiday. Pictured: the beach at Whitstable in Kent.

Beautiful County Kerry is home to Ireland's iconic rolling green hills and emerald fields. Although it's one of Ireland's most popular tourist spots, there's always a hidden mountain path to get lost on away from the crowds. 

This evergreen landscape of valleys, rivers, hills and forests provides activities for everyone to enjoy. Cycling holidays are popular in the area and the Badische Weinstrasse is a 160km-long route that works its way through the foothills of the forest, travelling through the vineyards of the Baden region.
Hungary's beautiful capital is split by the River Danube with a host of wonderful architecture on both sides. Hot springs can be found all over Budapest and offer tourists a unique visitor experience. 
Found in the western most part of Austria, Vorarlberg is just by the border with Lichtenstein. Set in the rural hills of the countryside, the region is known for its beautiful architecture. 
The Åland archipelago can be a rather confusing area because even though the islands belong to Finland, Swedish is the native language. The archipelago also has its own parliament and has the power to sell products duty free! 
It may be known as one of the party capitals of Europe but Ibiza has much more to offer than late nights and loud music. Step off the beaten track and enjoy the island's white beaches, clear waters and secluded sun spots.

Home to the island monastery Mont St-Michel and the Bayeux Tapestry, Normandy has a rich and long history in Europe. The area is known for its rich cuisine and fresh seafood  Pictured: Etretat cliff and church 

Skomer Island is home to a host of stunning wildlife and it particularly well known for its puffin population. Found off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Skomer is surrounded by beautiful waters and sealife. Marloes Sands has plenty of coastal walks for visitors to enjoy and those in luck may even be able to spot Skomer from the shore. 

Bled may be the most famous lake in Slovenia but Lake Bohinj is just as stunning and won't be overcome by crowds in the summer months. Bohinj is the perfect place to indulge in outdoor activities and water sports including kayaking, cycling and climbing.  Pictured: Church of St John the Baptist, Bohinj Lake


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