Morrisons 'wonky bread' complaint goes viral

Sarah Coles
Wonky bread
Wonky bread

A Morrisons loaf that had been sliced unevenly has become an unlikely internet star, after a customer posted a photo of his wonky bread, along with a hilarious complaint on Facebook.

David Walker bought a sliced white loaf from his local branch of Morrisons in Killingworth near Newcastle. His wife Gail Carr-Waker was making a sandwich for him when she discovered the slicing mishap, and when she showed it to David, he took to Facebook with a brilliant tongue-in cheek rant.

The complaint

He started his complaint with the phrase: "Morrisons Killingworth! You listen to me, you listen good and you listen hard. Do you hear?" He went on to outline the extent of the wonkiness, adding: "To say I am monumentally outraged would be an understatement. How do you people expect me to make a sandwich fit for a gentleman with slices that have been so grotesquely, unevenly cut?"

He added that his that his wife had been making the sandwich when "She came scurrying through shrieking". He concluded: "I hope you arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to this fiasco."

The response
Morrisons responded with an equally tongue-in-cheek answer. A staff member called Jay replied "Hi David, I hope the shrieking's stopped now and that the house is peaceful again. The wonky loaf won't be any good for your sandwiches but would make a very attractive organic doorstop!"

He asked for David to send him a direct message, and then delivered two new loaves of bread to his door.

The response on Facebook was impressive, with 23,000 likes and almost 10,000 shares. A number of people declared David a 'legend' a 'genius' and 'the best thing since sliced bread." One added: "Well done to Morrisons for understanding that men are simple creatures and all they want is a nice butty."

Both David and Jay kept up the banter. When one commentator asked David to step in and help with her local pasty provider, David offered to strip to his underpants and go round to sort them out, so Jay offered to supply him with a cape. One person replied "I dunno what I like more, the post or Jay from Morrisons", to which Jay replied "Pick me!"

Great customer service

It's one of a handful of brilliant responses to complaints recently. Earlier this week we reported on the hamburger restaurant that received a complaint that the hand dryer was too near the toilet, and had resulted in a nasty accident. The restaurant offered the customer a new pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year. It also posted a photo of staff carrying umbrellas and plungers, saying they were going to "perform rigorous tests in their toilets to ensure that this is a one-off experience."

Back in March it was Tesco in the headlines for a brilliant response to a complaint about mouldy garlic. One Twitter user complained that his garlic had gone mouldy too quickly, and asked: "How am I supposed to fight off vampires now?" Tesco sent him a money card loaded with £2, along with a letter explaining it was to enable to him to buy more garlic to "fight off the undead hordes" and "protect the people that you love."

And in January a Sainsbury's customer tweeted the supermarket saying that he had difficulty buying a pack of salmon because it had no 'bar cod'. Sainsbury's replied "Were there no other packs in the plaice or was that the sole one on the shelf? Floundering for an explanation!" The customer continued: "I tried dropping you a line but this whole situation is giving me a haddock. What are you going to do about it? Let minnow?" And the supermarket wrote: "If I'm herring you right, you're looking to eel our relationship. I'll tell the store to find the shelf and fillet." There then followed 13 more tweets, until the customer finished with "Thank you. This has probably been the finacle of my tweeting career. Carp diem."

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