Video: Driver caught eating cereal at the wheel

Hungry driver

A motorist has been filmed apparently eating a bowl of cereal while driving.
The Land Rover driver was spotted by off-duty cycle instructor David Williams, as he negotiated traffic in Hampton Court, Surrey.

Capturing the astonishing display of carelessness on his helmet-cam, Williams confronts the driver, and orders her to put the bowl down.

"I've got your number. Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous – you're a bloody danger," he shouts.

Despite being confronted, the driver seems not to care, and appears to continue eating as she queues at a junction.

Surrey Police is currently investigating the incident, after the footage was uploaded to YouTube.

If found guilty of driving without due care and attention, the hungry driver could be issued with a fine and penalty points. However, she could face a short prison sentence if found guilty of the more serious offence of dangerous driving.

Cyclist Confronts Woman 'Eating Cereal at the Wheel'

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