How to manage finances after divorce

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How To Manage Your Finances After Divorce
How To Manage Your Finances After Divorce
How to manage your finances after divorce
How to manage your finances after divorce

It can be hard to know how to deal with all the ramifications of divorce. What people rarely consider is all the complexities after the legal process is complete.

For those with children, one of the main issues after divorce will be arranging how you and your former partner will pay for your children.

Sheri Atwood is the founder of Support Pay, an app that helps divorced parents exchange child support payments.

She says she found it hard to coordinate payments and communicate with her ex-husband after her divorce.

Although her and her former husband swore they would be amicable throughout their divorce, it became difficult when trying to sort out expenses for their children.

She says: "No matter how amicable we tried to make it, it was still a stress-inducing process."

Sheri started Support Pay after being unable to find an easy way of making payments to her ex-husband.

Wayne Lording from Melbourne, Australia, says it took him around three to four years to get his life back on track after his divorce.

Wayne says he came out of his divorce with the clothes he was wearing and just $16 in his bank account, he also lost the money in his retirement fund.

The first few years were a struggle for Wayne as he faced having to rebuild his life and household, which included buying new furniture, clothes and food for his child.

Wayne says it was his positive mental attitude that managed to get him through this difficult time.

He says: "There is a real struggle out there and there is always a financial struggle."

Wayne is the Associate Director of Better Men Australia. Better Men say they exist to support the "new breed of men who want to be better husband, fathers, leaders and lovers".

Wayne says he now shares expenses with his ex-wife, doesn't pay any child maintenance and they have an amicable relationship where they can enjoy co-parenting his daughter.

His key message to other divorcing partners is to remain positive and communicate with your former partner.

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