Video: Samsung safety kit displays road ahead on back of HGVs

Samsung's "Clear" Truck Could Make Roads Safer

There's nothing more frustrating than getting stuck behind a slow HGV on a twisty road and never quite being able to see if it's safe to overtake.
Tech giant Samsung, however, has a very simple solution to this problem, with kit that displays an image of the road ahead of the lorry on the back of the trailer. Featuring a wireless camera fitted to the front of the lorry cab that relays a live feed to large trailer-mounted screens, this tech should help drivers behind to make safer decisions about when – and when not – to overtake.

On trial in Argentina currently – a country notorious for its long single carriageway roads – this tech could help save hundreds of lives, boosting safety during day and night. We eagerly wait to see if this tech finds its way onto lorries across the UK.
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