Jaguar Land Rover reveals new autonomous driving tech

Remote control Range Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a brace of new self-driving technology applications as part of its research and development of autonomous vehicles.
The first is a smartphone app that allows owners to take remote control of their Range Rover. It gives full control of the steering, brakes and accelerator, and allows drivers to better negotiate tricky off-road terrain or even tight supermarket car parks.

Don't think you'll be able to send your car on the school run unmanned, however, as the app requires a Bluetooth connection, meaning that drivers will have to stay within 10 metres of the vehicle. The car is limited to 4mph in remote control mode, too.

Remote control Range Rover

Secondly, JLR has developed 'Multi-Point Turn' tech, which will automatically perform a 180-degree turn in the road, making light work of the dreaded three-point turn in a narrow cul-de-sac.

The tech is currently being trialled and could appear on production Jaguar Land Rover models in the next few years. Check it out in action below.

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