Hilarious response to customer's toilet complaint

The hand dryer, next to the loo.
Man Covered in Urine Due to Restaurant's Hand Dryer Given Free Socks for a Year

Every now and again, a company manages to recover beautifully from a complaint - and Handmade Burger has done it. After a customer described how a poorly placed hand-dryer had led to an unfortunate incident, the restaurant responded with style.

Gordie Wallace, 31, took his girlfriend to the Union Square, Aberdeen branch of the chain. And, he posted on the company's Facebook page, its refill option meant he needed to visit the bathroom - where things went a little awry.

"Due to the poor design of your bathrooms and unfortunate placing of the automatic hand dryer, half way during my urination the hand dryer decided to go on full pelt thus blowing my pish stream all over the place, nearly all over my trousers and sadly leaving me with a soggy trainer on my left foot," he explains.

"I'm now going to be forced to throw out my sodden sock, walk about with a pishy foot and now believe I have developed a phobia of hand dryers."

And the company responded with style, posting a picture of its own.

Handmade Burger's photo of the toilet inspection.

"As you can see from the picture attached, we have asked all of our restaurant teams to perform rigorous tests in their toilets to ensure that this is a one-off experience as a result of this," it explains.

Handmade Burger has even offered Mr Gordie a new pair of trainers, and a supply of socks every month for a year.

It's a perfect example of how organisations can turn a complaint into a good bit of PR - the company's Facebook post has been shared 3,300 times and received nearly 25,000 likes.

Tesco recently managed a similar feat, after receiving a complaint about mouldy garlic from a customer who asked how he was supposed to fight vampires. The supermarket sent him a money card for £2, to help him 'fight off the undead hordes'.

And the stakes are high, as getting it wrong can be equally widely publicised. We recently reported on the case of a Chinese restaurant that mistakenly replied to a dissatisfied customer with a comment meant for someone else: "What do you think of this cheeky f****r?" The email was all over social media within days.
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Hilarious response to customer's toilet complaint

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