Jurassic Park's original child stars are all grown up

'Jurassic Park's Original Child Star Is All Grown Up
'Jurassic Park's Original Child Star Is All Grown Up

Twenty-two years ago, Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs back to life in the original 'Jurassic Park.' In that time, one of the film's child stars grew up and is now living far away from the limelight.

Back in 1993, Ariana Richards was 14 when she landed the role of Lex Murphy, the granddaughter of Jurassic Park's owner, John Hammond.

Today, Richards is 36 and she is expecting her first child with husband Mark Bolton. She is now a painter - a far cry from the days of escaping Velociraptors.

Meanwhile, the young actor who played Richards' on screen brother, Joseph Mazzello, is now 32 and has been in several major movies since his famous big screen debut. Find out what they were in the video above.