Anger as men throw cat into crocodile-infested lagoon (distressing video)

A sick video that emerged online of two men throwing a live cat into crocodile-infested waters in Peru has caused outrage.

The disturbing video shows the helpless cat being tossed into a lagoon at a crocodile farm in Nauta in Iquitos and quickly swimming away before a crocodile pounces.

It manages to escape from the predator and attempts to climb a fence but is then grabbed and dragged into the water by another crocodile.

Warning: Distressing video. Story continues below.

Live Cat Thrown Into Crocodile Infested Pond

The cat does not survive and the video has received condemnation by animal rights groups who are urging authorities to charge the owner of the crocodile farm.

Speaking to the Independent, the RSPCA, which cannot investigate the incident as it took place outside the UK, said: "We would like to express our shock and disgust at the events in the video."

According to the Daily Mail, one furious viewer of the video said: "Cowards, this is a defenceless animal... There are no circumstances to do something like this."

Another said: "It would be great if the people involved in the facts would be punished in order to make them understand that animals are alive and they have sensibility, pain and love."

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