British woman arrested in Malta after couple spot her 'wearing their stolen clothes'

British woman arrested in Malta after couple spot her 'wearing their stolen clothes'

A British tourist has been arrested in Malta after a couple claim they saw her wearing clothes from their stolen suitcase.

Shannon Leigh-Williams, 19, from Portsmouth, was also reportedly seen carrying a handbag from the misplaced luggage.

The couple spotted Miss Williams with identical belongings to their own during an outing in the coastal village of Xemxija.

CCTV footage reportedly shows the luggage being taken from the baggage claim area at Malta International Airport.

She was not on the same flight as the couple but had gained access to the baggage claim area at the airport after she showed her passport to the soldier on duty and explained that she had lost her luggage when she arrived in Malta on a Ryanair flight in May.

Ms Leigh-Williams appeared in court on Monday and initially refused to enter a plea.

According to the Daily Mail, she was fined £150 for contempt of court when she reportedly said magistrate Carol Peralta could "kiss my a***".

Ms Leigh-Williams told the court she had believed the suitcase was her own as it looked similar to hers, and she'd picked it up by mistake.

She claimed she owned identical dresses and a similar handbag.

According to the Times of Malta, magistrate Peralta said: "Are you trying to tell me that you happen to have eight identical dresses to these?"

When Shannon nodded, Peralta told her he did not believe her.

Her request for bail was denied and she pleaded not guilty when threatened with a higher fine.

She now awaits sentencing.

Funniest late airport arrival excuses
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British woman arrested in Malta after couple spot her 'wearing their stolen clothes'
A woman flying from Heathrow to the Dominican Republic almost missed her flight and claimed that her car had broken down and she’d had to abandon it on the hard shoulder of the M4 and walk "miles and miles" with her luggage to make it in time.
A man flying from Exeter to Prague blamed his lateness on his wife, because he claimed that she had packed and repacked their suitcases seven times before accepting the fact that they hadn’t forgotten to bring anything.

A woman flying from Luton Airport to Egypt said that her reason for almost missing the flight was because she couldn’t decide whether it was best to fly wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a skirt and vest top or a comfortable tracksuit. She settled in the end for a beach dress and flip flops.  

A man flying from Manchester Airport to Italy claimed that his lateness was due to the fact he’d had to make sure he had fed all 17 of his cats, all five of his dogs and his two budgies, and needed to give his neighbour all the instructions to do with the care of his pets while he’d be away.
A woman flying to Brazil from Heathrow Airport only just made it onto her flight. She explained that she had put her watch back two hours ready for her arrival in Brazil and the right time zone. However, she needed to check in two hours before, so she only just made it; not remembering her watch was two hours behind of the actual time in the UK.
A woman flying from Bristol to Gran Canaria told airport staff she was late for her flight because, while getting ready to leave the house, she’d been watching The Lion King on DVD for the first time and had to find out how it ended (even though she knew she'd then be running late).
A man was flying from Gatwick to New York and only just made his flight, claiming that he’d been unable to get off the toilet after having suspected food poisoning and an upset stomach from the 'substandard food' he’d consumed in the terminal.
A woman flying from East Midlands airport to Tenerife and almost missed her flight. She claimed that she hadn’t been with her boyfriend all that long, who was travelling with her, and that they’d had to pull into a lay-by on the drive to the airport to 'get intimate'.
A man flying to Majorca from Birmingham claimed that he had almost missed his flight because he had got drunk in a bar in the airport and fallen asleep on his stool, but that he’d miraculously sobered up during his 20-minute nap and was fit to fly.
A man flying from Cardiff Airport to Tunisia said that he was made late by the fact he thought his flight was the next day, but luckily his Mum had called to remind him that he needed to go and meet his friends at the airport.

The world's worst tourists
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British woman arrested in Malta after couple spot her 'wearing their stolen clothes'

We actually wouldn't have believed this happened if we hadn't seen this picture. A Chinese mother let her infant son defecate on the floor at Taiwan Airport. It wasn't a case of 'there were no toilets' either, as the boy was pictured pooing just 25 metres from the toilet. NowNews published the photo, which was taken by a Taiwanese tour guide. The photo shows newspaper spread out underneath the child.

Here's why you should never manhandle a dolphin... In China, a group of tourists lifted a stranded dolphin out of the water to pose with it in photographs at Dadonghai, Hainan Province. The dolphin, which was already wounded, died, and the tourists were accused of contributing to its death after manhandling the animal for almost 30 minutes. The tourists' photos were posted on social networking site, causing outrage.

Manatees have been protected in Florida since 1893 but that didn't stop one tourist from riding the harmless sea animal when she went for a dip near the city of St Petersburg. Ana Gutierrez, 52, was photographed touching and climbing on top of the manatee. When police arrived they were unable to locate her but after locals gave them photos of the woman, she turned herself in and explained she was unaware that hitching a ride on a manatee was prohibited. Although the animal was unhurt, she could have spent 60 days in prison.

At the end of 2012 when the world was 'about to end', revellers headed for an ancient Mayan temple in Guatemala for 'end of world' parties. The ancient stone temple at Tikal was damaged by tourists who climbed on it during the celebrations. Tikal was visited by more than 7,000 people for a colourful ceremony but it is forbidden to climb the stairs of its UNESCO world Heritage Site and the damage caused was irreparable.

When holidaymaker Labros Hydros came across an octopus while snorkelling in the sea on his trip to Greece, he had just one thing on his mind - dinner! What the 49-year-old mechanical engineer didn't know was that it was the second six-legged specimen ever found. Labros followed tradition by smashing it against a rock to kill it and took the 'hexapus' to a local taverna for a chef to cook it but he refused and told Hydros he should have let it live. The father-of-two cooked and ate it anyway!

A teenager caused outrage in his native China when he etched his name on an ancient Egyptian monument while on holiday with his parents. The 15-year-old boy wrote 'Ding Jinhao wuz here' in Chinese on the almost 3,500-year-old Luxor Temple in Egypt and after a photo of the damage was taken by another tourist and posted on China's Twitter-like website Sina Weibo, users hunted down the boy. His parents said Ding had "cried all night" after being attacked on the social networking site and they were forced to issue an apology in a local newspaper.

Whether you've been on safari or not, you'll know that it's a pretty good idea to stay inside your 4X4 and keep well away from the animals - especially the elephants which can easily crush you. One drunken tourist decided he not only wanted to get up close to the wildlife but that it would be funny to charge at an elephant while at South Africa's Kruger National Park. Luckily for the man, the animal decided to run the other way and not charge back at him. The "disgraceful" footage was posted on YouTube and one user said it was a pity the "elephant did not give you a mauling". Wildlife advocates also called for charges to be brought against the man.

Cringe! An American tourist visiting Florence's Museo dell'Opera del Duomo accidentally snapped a finger off of a 600-year-old statue of the Virgin Mary. Patrick Broderick, 55, who ironically happens to be an surgeon, was trying to compare his finger to one on the marble statue when it broke off. He was arrested in front of his wife and kids and released after questioning. Don’t you wish people would take notice of the 'Do Not Touch' signs?

Usually if you're not too keen on a place you just make the decision never to return. But one tourist was so "disappointed" after driving from his home in Germany to a cottage in Scotland that he threw a pizza and a pot of noodles at his partner. Wolfgang Gruelich, 57, was jailed for a night after injuring his partner when the country didn't live up to his expectations and when released he had to make his own way home while his partner and their children drove back.


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