Top ten destinations for deals this summer

Sarah Coles
Passengers Sitting on a Plane
Passengers Sitting on a Plane

We've got used to everything becoming more expensive with each passing year, but this isn't always the case. Flights to some parts of the world have actually fallen in price since this time last year, and in some cases cost a third less than they did last summer. Travel search engine Kayak has tracked down the ten destinations that have seen the biggest price drops in the past 12 months.

The top ten is published as part of its Summer Travel Hacker Guide. It is made up largely of lesser-known destinations, but many of them offer all the sun, sea, culture and excitement you could want from holiday, so are well worth considering.

There are a few reasons why the price of these flights has fallen. Loella Pehrsson, Regional Director of Kayak, says the falling oil price has played its part. It didn't have an immediate impact on the price of flights, because so many airlines buy their fuel in advance. However, by the summer, the drop in the oil price we saw earlier in the year has started to feed through into flight prices.
For those travelling with children under 12, the scrapping of Air Passenger Duty will also have brought the price down - particularly on long distance destinations. Those travelling with several children could save hundreds of pounds on the price of a flight.

However, the main reason why these particular destinations will be cheaper this year is a matter of supply and demand. The airlines will have expected to sell a certain number of flights by this stage, and because so many remain unsold, they have dropped the price.

It's difficult to know why fewer flights have sold. However, there is every chance that a loosening of the nation's purse strings has meant more people are splashing out a little extra to go to better-known holiday destinations. It means airlines have extra capacity in these second-tier destinations, so they are cutting prices in order to fill their planes. As a result, travellers who are willing to try somewhere new this year can get a real bargain.

Plus, of course, as Pehrsson points out, the pound has strengthened against many foreign currencies, so when you get to your destination you'll find your cash goes further too. She says that all in all. "This summer is a great time to explore a new place for less."

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