The light that helps a lightbulb last 37 years

CSYS light from Dyson

James Dyson's son Jake turns out to be every bit of a bright spark as his dad. He's developed a light that is designed so that the bulb will last for an incredible 37 years.

Jake Dyson studied product design at Central St Martins College, and set up a small workshop of his own in 2004 developing lights. His breakthrough came when he decided to tackle a major problem with conventional lights. Normally, they don't protect the LEDs from heat, which can damage the phosphorous coating on some bulbs, so that over time they lose brightness.

The light fantastic
He designed a light that uses heat pipe technology to protect the bulb from heat. The technology was originally designed for satellites, and conducts heat away from the bulb and keeps it at an ideal temperature.

The unusual appearance of the light is partly due to this technology, because the horizontal arm is actually drawing heat away from the light. It is kept in place using a counterweight system inspired by construction cranes.

Another piece of clever technology is that it works on touch-sensitive continuous dimming - so you can have it at exactly the level of brightness you want. The dimmer also has a memory, so that when you turn it off and on again, it comes on at exactly the same brightness as when you left.

Tests show that the bulbs in these lights will last for 160,000 hours - which works out at around 37 years with normal use. There is, however, a small hitch. If you want to take advantage of this technology, it'll cost you. The range starts at £399 and goes up to £599. Over time you'll save a small fortune on bulbs, so it's a good investment. However, it's a lot to pay for a lamp.

Family business

The lights are being sold by the Dyson company, which has set up a new lighting division. It's an impressive debut from the latest generation of the inventive family. However, the Dyson family aren't the first to find that the next generation does a great job of following in their family's footsteps. Five less-well known examples include:

1. Kasper Schmeichel. Peter Schmeichel was a Danish goalkeeping legend, best-known for his years at Manchester United. His son followed him into the goal - as keeper for Leicester City

2. Jason Bonham. The son of the late Led Zepplin drummer John Bonham, took up his father's profession at the age of four. Most memorably he stood in for his father on the drums for Led Zepplin at a show in the O2 Arena.

3. Tom Ravenscroft. The son of the late John Peel is a BBC Radio 6 presenter known for his eclectic tastes.

4. Lilly Rose-Melody Depp. The daughter of actor Johnny Depp and pop star Vanessa Paradis, is set to appear in horror film Yoga Hosers later this year. The film also features her dad.

5. Nico Rosberg. Keke Rosberg was a Finish Formula One driver, who won the championship in 1982. When Nico won at Monaco, they became the first father and son to have achieved the double - thirty years apart.

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The light that helps a lightbulb last 37 years

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Dyson Leaps Into Lighting With LED Lights Engineered to Last 37 Years
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