Old man's faith restored after £4,000 of life savings were stolen

Rosie Vare
Jack Walker fundraising Go Fund Me
Jack Walker fundraising Go Fund Me

A fundraising appeal launched to help a former serviceman who had his life savings stolen has smashed its initial target thanks to the generosity of strangers.

Jack Walker, 83, was in the Coldstream Guards for 12 years and was also a standard bearer at the Coldstream Guards Association in Leeds until recently.

Mr Walker has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had saved up £4,000 to pay for his own funeral but the money was taken from his house, ITV reported.

Friend and fellow Coldstream Guardsman, Phil Lee, decided to set up a Go Fund Me page to not only restore Mr Walker's savings, but his faith in humanity at the same time.

He wrote on the page: "His entire savings of just under £3,800 was stolen leaving him bereft and fearful of the legacy he would now leave his daughters namely his funeral costs, he is also devastated at the fact that he was robbed from within his own home."

Adding: "Whatever it is you decide to do, I thank you. I have known Jack for many years and he is a light hearted soul that doesn't deserve what has happened, my aim is to simply restore his faith in people."

GoFundMe page
GoFundMe page

Jack's fundraising page (pictured above), which is titled 'Restore Jack's Faith in People', has now reached a total of £6,070 and the most recent update on the page states that it will remain open for donations until the end of June.

The fund has received over 300 donations from people giving as much as £250 at a time.

The latest message from fund organiser Mr Lee says: "Jack is over the moon. Another goal was to help him understand that people care and that he matters. He gets that too, in fact he has been blown away by the support that he has had and so have I."

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