BT automatically signs customers up to £5 sports service

BT Broadband customers need to opt out if they don't wan't pay the monthly fee

BT Sport

BT has confirmed that broadband customers will be automatically signed up to its new £5-monthly sports package.

The telecoms giant is launching a revamped BT Sport channel in August, which includes BT Sport 1, 2 and ESPN among others.

While the service will be free to those who already take up BT's TV packages, broadband-only customers will have to pay £5 a month. Up until now it had been freely available.

Anyone wishing to avoid being automatically charged will have to contact BT and ask to be switched to the company's BT Sports Lite package, which offers fewer channels but remains free.

A BT spokesperson told AOL Money that it will be sending letters to customers in the coming days, informing them about the changes.

"All existing BT Sports customers will get a message from us, explaining that they can either take the BT Sports pack for £5, or the Sport Lite pack for free.

"If we don't hear back from the customer within 30 days, we will assume they want the [paid] BT Sport option."

The spokesperson told us there would be a one month amnesty, meaning you can inform BT at any point in August and still avoid incurring the charge. If you want to opt out, you can do so online or over the phone (the main customer service number is 0800 800150).

BT Sport has exclusive rights to broadcast live Champions League and Europa League football matches, after spending £897 million on a three-year deal starting in 2015/16.

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