Video: Stretched monster truck is ultimate in automotive poor taste

Stretched monster truck for sale

The US is famous for many things in the car world, but subtlety is not one of them. Instead, bigger is better seems to be the American way, whether you're talking engines, limo length or monster truck height.
And this 9.75m long, 6.8-tonne stretched Ford Excursion monster truck is the perfect example. Even the price tag is big, with this leviathan up for grabs at a cool $1 million, for those with much money and little taste.

Christened the "Sin City Hustler", this one-off machine measures in at a whopping 3.65m high and 3.59m wide. Thankfully, its creators have seen fit to install a suitably large motor, with a hefty 8.5-litre V8 nestling under the bonnet and churning out a substantial 700bhp.

Adding a little – er, everyday usability – is the addition of four-wheel steering, fully-functional doors (shock horror) and 12 bucket seats for a dozen of your most intrepid mates.

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