The perfect home for Hobbits hits the market

Sarah Coles
The Hobbit home
The Hobbit home

An incredible property has gone on the market in Minneapolis, with the kind of interiors that you'll only ever see once in a lifetime. The $149,900 home has one bedroom, one bathroom, and incredible interior design.
The owner has gone with the theme of bringing the outside in, and every corner of the property is crammed with natural stonework, tree murals, animal print, and in one striking instance, a waterfall cascading down the wall by the stairs.

The kitchen is particularly impressive. The owner hasn't just contented themselves with intricate natural stone mosaics all over the kitchen cabinets, they have teamed it with a brick finish on other cabinets, false stones attached to the front of the fridge, a mural up one wall, and an animal print tea towel.

It's safe to say that this isn't going to work for everyone. It's not every homeowner who wants stonework painted onto their toilet, realistic cracks painted into the brick mural in one of the reception rooms, or a moral of a wolf in a cave greeting guests by the street.

However, it doesn't fall into the category of baffling designs either. This is no bog standard semi-detached home in the suburbs with a crazy mismatched interior: it's a quirky 1912 wooden home with an equally quirky design inside.

A real effort has been made to make the design suit the property. The woodland mural in one of the reception rooms, for example, leads to a window that extends over one wall and the ceiling, offering views of the real trees outside.

Take a look inside...

But what do you think? Would you fancy living in among such unusual design? Let us know in the comments.

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