Bee grounds Flybe flight from UK

Rosie Vare
Flybe flight grounded by bee in instruments
Flybe flight grounded by bee in instruments

A Flybe plane was forced to turn around this weekend after a bee appeared to become stuck in part of the plane.

The BE384 flight was supposed to be travelling between Southampton and Dublin when engineers found the insect stuck in one of the outside instruments, the BBC reports.

The journey was aborted shortly after take-off and the passengers on board face a delay of around two hours while the issue was rectified.

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The plane returned to Southampton Airport "without incident" and a spokeswoman for Flybe said: "Flybe engineers discovered that a bee that had become lodged in an item of instrumentation on the outside of the aircraft."

Noel Rooney was on board when the incident occurred and tweeted: "Well, that's not happened to me before. A bumble bee got stuck in the wind instrument thingie on #flyBe flight BE384. Yep, that FlyBEE."

In December last year a Qatar Airways flight ended up being delayed for six hours after a mouse was seen running through the cabin, the Mirror reported.

The entire plane had to be fumigated before any of the passengers were allowed back on board but by the time they got back on the plane a number had already missed their connecting flights.

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