Video: Germans break record for fastest tyre change

Guinness World Record for tyre changing

If you're anything like us, changing a tyre takes you the best part of three weeks, with much swearing and 322 cups of tea.
This team of Germans, however, is much more handy with a wheel brace, taking just 59.62 seconds to change four tyres on a Ford Focus, smashing the previous record by a substantial 24 seconds.

The orange-suited foursome, known as "kfzteile24" are the sixth group to attempt to steal the title for the fastest road-car wheel change since it was first set back in 2001, according to Top Gear.

The successful record attempt took place last Sunday at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz in eastern Germany with the quartet using nothing more than a hydraulic jack to lift the car and a wheel brace each.

Under the beady eye of a Guinness World Records official, the team managed to loosen the tyre nuts, jack up the car, fit new wheels and lower the car back to earth in less than a minute. Now that's German efficiency at its best.

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