Max Verstappen scares his dad at Monaco circuit

Formula One - Spanish Grand Prix - Paddock Day - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Most parents with teenage children of driving age worry about what they're getting up to behind the wheel. And with good reason – drivers aged 17-24 are disproportionately more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than any other age group.
But how do you tell your teenage son to have a think about his driving when he's already a Formula One driver? This was just the dilemma facing former racing driver Jos Verstappen when he climbed into a Renault Clio RS 200 with his son, Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen, behind the wheel.

Attempting to conduct an interview for Dutch television, Jos is obviously uncomfortable with his son's impressive turn of speed, suddenly going quiet as Max gets into his groove around the tight Monaco GP circuit.

Even worse, the poor cameraman in the rear seat struggles to keep upright, and is thrown from side to side as Max wrings every last rpm from the hot Clio.

At 17 years old, Max Verstappen is the youngest racing driver ever to get a seat in F1. He can't even drive on the road in his native Netherlands, as he's too young to hold a licence.

We doubt he'll have any trouble passing his test, though. Check out his impressive skills below.

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