Vegan Society says eating dogs no different from any other animal

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Animal Rights Activists Marks World Animal Day
Animal Rights Activists Marks World Animal Day

It is generally accepted that eating dogs is wrong, but it is no different to eating any other animals, says The Vegan Society in response to the global outrage which met the news that the annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, China, will go ahead on June 22 2015.

An undercover report in the Daily Mail claims that thousands of pets have been stolen and slaughtered for the Chinese dog eating festival, despite local authorities banning the event after two million campaigners in China protested last year.

Hundreds of thousands took to social media to express their disgust at the illegal event in which 10,000 dogs could be eaten in in Guangxi province in southern China. A petition to end the activities received over 200,000 signatures.

"While The Vegan Society is glad to hear of the widespread revulsion to this dog-eating festival, please also consider the millions of farmed animals that are killed and subsequently eaten by so many people every year, often without a moment's thought," said Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of The Vegan Society.

"Dogs share the same feelings, emotions and individual personalities as cows, chickens, pigs or any other animal. It does not matter if we invite them to share our homes as companions, all animals are sentient beings with a right to life and freedom, entitled to the same respect and treatment regardless of species," de Boo added.

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