Video: How not to crash at the Nurburgring

Nurburgring crash video

Fed up with seeing its cars being slammed into the notorious German circuit's unyielding walls, a Nurburgring car rental company has released a video highlighting the most common mistakes people make on the track – and how to avoid them.
Starting off RSRNurburg's top five corners to watch out for is a bend named 'Wippermann', which has camber changes that can throw a car off course, unless the driver takes it very smoothly.

Other sage advice from instructors Gabriele Piana and Ray Shepherdson in this video includes keeping an eye out for the most grippy parts of the track, and avoiding rubber-covered Tarmac in the wet, as this becomes hugely slippery, sending many drivers spinning into the guardrail.

Next in line is a fast, tightening bend with an inconvenient bump halfway around, that can throw the back of cars out of control, slamming a number of overconfident driver straight into the barriers. And the next corner is just as challenging, with this fast, downhill bumpy stretch of Tarmac catching many people out.

As for the most dangerous part of the track, that crown goes to a bend dubbed 'YouTube corner' by the drivers as RSRNurburg. Head to the end of the video to see just how this bend won that title...

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