Restaurant slammed for storing bread in the loo

Emma Woollacott
Josh Benteman's photo of the bread rolls.
Josh Benteman's photo of the bread rolls.

Staff at one Kansas drive-in restaurant are to receive training on food hygiene - after storing bread rolls in the loo.

Customer Josh Benteman was horrified by the sight of the tray of hot dog buns in the toilet at the Sonic Drive-In in Topeka, and posted a picture on Facebook.

"Welcome to the bathroom in Sonic. I don't think I will be eating there anytime soon. I took this picture today...." he wrote. "I guess maintenance moved it in there."

The post's had thousands of shares: "Well, now there's something soft and absorbent close at hand should they run out of toilet paper!" commented one.

Health inspectors have now visited the restaurant, where they didn't find any more dangers to health. All the same, staff are to be sent for further training.

"An employee made an error by storing the bread racks in the restroom for 30 minutes. Upon realizing the error, the manager immediately removed the bread from the location and all bread was discarded," manager of corporate communications Jason Acock told KSNT.

"The franchisee will counsel the employee and give additional training to the entire drive-in staff to ensure proper food safety steps are taken moving forward."

Benteman says he'll consider eating there again some time.

In the UK, restaurants are monitored by local councils for food hygiene, based on how food is prepared, cooked and stored, the cleanliness and condition of the building and the hygiene processes followed. And sometimes, real horrors are revealed.

One of the worst we've seen was back in 2013, when Waltham Forest Council released photos of a chicken takeaway in East London. Mouse droppings littered every surface, the kitchen was caked in grease, and old food was left to rot on the floor.

A close contender emerged earlier this year, in the form of the Great Western Hotel in Swindon. Uncooked meat was stored with cooked food and left lying around at room temperature. The cooker was encrusted with layers of grease and mould, and there was no soap for the chefs to wash their hands with.

Even the smartest restaurants sometimes fall foul of hygiene regulations. Last year, for example, the Hospital Club, set up by Eurythmics star Dave Stewart and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, was found to be infested with mice.

And in March last year,Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse in the Cube in Birmingham was marked 'zero' by the Food Standards Agency over concerns about whether it was coping with the number of customers.

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