Leopard cub discovers itself in mirror (video)

Rosie Vare
Leopard Cub Discovers Itself in the Mirror
Leopard Cub Discovers Itself in the Mirror
Leopard mirror South Africa Cheetah Experience
Leopard mirror South Africa Cheetah Experience

This adorable leopard cub was in for a surprise when he discovered his own reflection.

The young leopard lives at the Cheetah Experience in Bloemfontein, South Africa, which is where his startling experience was recorded.

The confused animal jumped back in shock initially before cowering behind a bench while apparently trying to suss out what was going on.

The brave young thing then cautiously made its way forward to have a closer look at his mirror image.

Clearly a little confused, the cute cub then has a sniff and claws at the mirror for a while as if trying to touch his new friend.

Towards the end of the footage the baby seems to lose interest, perhaps when he realised he was actually just looking at himself!

The Cheetah Experience boasts big cats, tours and volunteering opportunities for those interested.

The centre was founded in 2006 with the intention of breeding cheetahs and then releasing them back into the wild.

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