Cyclist's narrow escape will make you wince

Cyclist collision

As the growing number of cyclist deaths on UK roads shows, bikes and HGVs don't play well together. A combination of huge blind spots and a lack of space, particularly on the crowded streets of London, has seen lorries become a leading cause of injury to two-wheeled commuters.
The situation is just as bad elsewhere in the world, as the video below shows. Shot in (you guessed it) Russia, the clip shows the horrifying moment a cyclist narrowly avoids being dragged under the wheels of an HGV.

A trio of cyclists are seen negotiating a Russian highway, when suddenly a lorry attempts a reckless undertaking manoeuvre, and strikes the lead biker, mangling his bike, which floors the two following cyclists.

Despite being left in serious pain, the stricken biker is left conscious and is dragged to safety by his quick-thinking friends. The lorry driver meanwhile, zooms off as if nothing has happened.

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