10 easy ways to cut 100 calories


Want to lose weight and keep it off? Forget crash dieting - try slow dieting instead! Studies show that the average person in the UK puts on 2lbs per year. The good news? Make little calorie savings each day, and you'll soon lose weight. Walk an extra mile (about 2,000 steps) day for maximum results.

1. Daily bread
Forget shop-bought sandwiches and make your own lunch. A typical chunk of French bread has 500 calories – and that's before you add any fillings. Take a wholemeal pitta bread in to work instead, which only has 200 calories.

2. Say no to mayonnaise
Watch what goes into your sarnie. Shop-made tuna mayonnaise sandwiches contain about 400 calories. Make your own without the mayonnaise and you'll save over 100 calories. Give cheese a miss and go for grilled chicken or prawn with lemon juice instead.

3. Watch your carbs
Do you always cook more rice than you need? Reduce the amount of cooked rice or pasta you serve by half a cup. Better still, cut your usual carbohydrate portion by half and fill up on steamed or grilled vegetables instead.

4. One topping not two
Hold the butter when you order a jacket potato and limit yourself to just one high-calorie topping. So you don't feel deprived, fill up your plate with a crunchy salad with vinegar and lemon juice dressing.

5. Eat from a small bowl
Studies show that we consume 30 per cent fewer calories when eating from a small plate. Researchers also found that we eat less from blue plates, as this colour is the least appetizing to the brain.

6. Pudding lovers
Can't resist a slice of cake or apple pie for pudding? Try swapping your side portion of ice cream for low-calorie frozen yogurt or sorbet. Better still, give up the pudding and eat a dish of fresh fruit instead.

7. Go nuts for raisins
A typical handful of dry roasted peanuts contains 300 calories. Choose a small bag of peanuts and raisins for 195 calories and save over 100 calories - not to mention over 10g of fat.

8. Switched to skimmed
Switch from whole milk to skimmed milk and you'll soon start to save calories. Drink just two mugs of tea or coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar to save 134 calories, compared to whole milk and two spoonfuls of sugar.

9. Mix some water with the wine
A typical pub-size glass of wine (250ml) contains 185 calories. Switch to a smaller 125ml of wine and top up your glass with sparkling water.

10. Walk a mile
Buy a pedometer and walk an extra 2000 steps each day (about a mile) to burn off those 100 calories. Bored of walking? Dance around your living room or do 'power' housework for 20 minutes instead.

Have you cut back on your calories lately? Leave your tips below...

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