Auto Trader announces fastest selling cars by region

Fastest selling cars

The Ford Fiesta may have been the bestselling car in the UK for many years, but Auto Trader has revealed which models are most popular in different parts of the country – and the results are much more varied.
While those in the south of England have dug deep into their pockets to put premium German models on their drive, it's more affordable brands that have topped the charts further north with those in Yorkshire opting for a quirky French model in their droves.

Topping the chart in the South of England is the BMW 1 Series, with buyers clamouring to get their hands on this rear-wheel drive hatchback, which sells for an average of just under £14,000 and takes an average of 22 days to sell.

As for South East England, it's a Mercedes badge that has proved most popular, with the A-Class hatchback being the fastest car to sell, typically taking 23 days to find a buyer, with average prices standing at around £21,500.

Bucking the trend, though, the Ford Focus took top spot in London, taking just 16 days to sell on average, for just below £9,000. Buyers in South West England, the East of England and Scotland, though, have a taste for off-roaders, rushing to get their hands on the Nissan Qashqai 'crossover'.

Heading further west, it's the Ford Fiesta that has proven most popular in Wales, taking an average of 30 days to sell and typically raising £10,354. Move to the east, however, and Vauxhall has won many buyers, with the Astra proving fastest to sell in the East Midlands and the Corsa being top dog in North East England.

Unusually, the fastest car to sell in Yorkshire only comes in 178th place in the national chart, reports Motoring Research, with the petrol Citroen DS3 winning many fans in the Dales. Meanwhile, the Peugeot 208 is fastest to sell in North West England, while buyers in Northern Ireland can't get enough of the Seat Leon.
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