DVLA reveals list of banned number plates

DVLA private number plate

Following the release of the latest batch of private number plates, the DVLA has published a list of those deemed too provocative to be allowed, including JE55US and PR15SON.
The DVLA has banned numerous number plates over the years on the grounds of being offensive or in poor taste, and the authority has now released details of the plates that it has blocked in the last year, such as BL03JOB, AL14LAH, and UP15BUM.

Other registrations to be censored include VA61ANA, P15OFF, PU15SSY and even WA15TED, though other potentially provocative plates such as PEN15 and ORG45M have been allowed. There has been controversy over the plates that have been banned as well as those that have been allowed, however, with one man telling the Guardian that he was barred from buying the number plate 15LAM.

He told the newspaper: "I made an inquiry to the DVLA about the possibility of obtaining '15LAM', only to be told that this was an inappropriate licence plate," reports the Press Association.

"I'm not particularly religious, but I am proud of my name. I was thinking of buying the plate as a gift for my brother. To be told that my name is offensive is really upsetting."

Despite blocking the sale of a number of registrations, the DVLA raised more than £105 million by selling personalised plates last year, with one number plate – KR15HNA – selling for a whopping £233,000 at auction earlier in May. The record figure paid for a registration from the DVLA, however, stands at £518,000 for 25 O, which was purchased in November last year by a Ferrari dealer to accompany a Ferrari 250 GTO - one of the most expensive classic cars money can buy.
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