Sainsbury's listed as cheapest supermarket for first time in 2015

Rosie Vare
Sainsbury's tops list for cheapest supermarket 2015
Sainsbury's tops list for cheapest supermarket 2015

Sainsbury's has topped the list for cheapest supermarkets for the first time this year.

The nationwide retailer was in the number one spot of The Grocer magazine's weekly chart with 33 items totalling £56.40.

Morrisons and Asda were hot on their heels with totals of £56.88 and £56.91 respectively.

Tesco weren't even close to the top spot with a combined total of £58.62, the Mirror reports.

It's thought that the wide range of products available on offer in Sainsbury's was the reason they won this week's price competition.

The supermarket had a total of 12 of the 33 products discounted while Tesco's had just eight and Asda and Morrisons only nine.
Commenting on the win, The Grocer said: "Sainsbury's has kept saying it's getting cheaper since the start of the year but there's been very little evidence in The Grocer 33.

"All that has changed this week as it recorded its first win of a competition that is in its 47th of 50 weeks."

Sainsbury's was found to be the cheapest retailer for products including jam, cucumber and wine.

The mystery shopper challenge was won by the Stowmarket branch of Asda with comments including: "friendly, polite and helpful staff".

Despite topping the price charts, Sainsbury's came last in the mystery shopper task as those visiting the Selsdon store in South Croydon were forced to "search half the shop" to try and find a member of staff.

Earlier this month, The Grocer also reported that Sainsbury's had reported a pre-tax loss for the first time in a decade.

Despite a profit of £898 million in 2014, it was reported the store had a pre-tax loss of £72 million.

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