DVLA clamps down on offensive personal registration plates

DVLA Office in Oxford

If you want the personalised plate BL03 J0B then you are out of luck – it's been banned. However, ORG45M is perfectly acceptable.
The DVLA has released an extensive list of number plates that have fallen foul of its censors, and all included are prohibited from adorning cars for being obscene, religiously sensitive, homophobic or puerile.

However, there appears be to some inconsistency in the DVLA's cull. The number plate P3N15 is allowed, for instance, but VAG1ANA isn't. Religion related JE55U5 and AL14LAH plates have also been banned on the roads although KR15HNA has recently been sold for a whopping £233,000.

A man from the Midlands with the surname 'Islam', recently applied to have the personalised plate of I5LAM but was told that it was 'inappropriate,' which led to the lengthy list being made.

With 46-pages worth of supressed plates, including WA15 TED, PU15 SSY, BOO3ZER and PR05 TAT, the 2015 registration year has proved to be a particularly difficult one for the DVLA's taste police.

There have been many number plates over the years that have slipped through the net, such as the release of the H8 GAY plate in 2006, which caused huge amounts of protests.

Angela Banh of RegTranfer, told The Guardian: "Some rude plates do occasionally slip through the DVLA net. PEN 15 was released many years ago. BO11 LUX was also released in 2011, then withdrawn, but the owner took on the DVLA and it is now back on the roads."

Now, to avoid such occurrences, members of the DVLA now meet up at least twice a year to search through potentially hazardous number plates. If there is a plate released that later causes controversy and complaints then the DVLA can force the driver to hand it back to the agency.

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Author: Harry Boucher
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