Inventor sets world record for longest flight on a hoverboard

Roshina Jowaheer

Catalina Alexandru Duru has broken the world record for flying the farthest by hoverboard.

The Canadian inventor flew a total distance of 905ft 2 inches, the size of two football pitches on Lake Ouareau in Quebec.

Mr Duru said: "I wanted to showcase that a stable flight can be achieved on a hoverboard and a human could stand and control with their feet."

The propeller-powered board can be used on any surface but Duru chooses to fly it over water as it can reach "scary heights" and the engines might fail.

A Guinness World Records spokesperson, said: "This is a truly mesmerising and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation.

"It's always pleasing to see individuals such as Catalin Alexandru Duru achieve a Guinness World Records titles such as this in which personal endeavour continues to amaze us all."

Duru designed and built the machine in 12 months.

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