Good Samaritans have car stolen

Closeup of police car sign with video unit vehicle in background.

A group of friends who were going for an afternoon shop had their car stolen after stopping to help at a crash they had witnessed.
The group of two women, both 19, and a man, 21, saw the collision between a Citroen C1 and Vauxhall Corsa in Hull on Thursday, before pulling over to help the victims.

Things then took an unexpected turn, as the driver of the crashed Citroen got out of the wreckage and got into the man's Mazda and drove off.

According to police, the wrecked Citroen had been stolen as well, explaining why the driver was so keen to flee the scene.

Speaking to, one of the women, said: "We were going to park the car in the car park near Napoleons Casino but took a wrong turn and ended up on Swann Street.

"We were approaching the mini roundabout behind the Corsa when a silver car came out and suddenly crashed into the Corsa.

"We all got out of the car to go and help.

"The driver of the Corsa got out of the his car and just passed out, it was really scary."

With the emergency services on the way, the Citroen driver got out of the car and was seen by a witness waving his hands around in the air.

Soon after, he got in the un-occupied Mazda and drove off. The car was found shortly after nearby and a man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of stealing a car and dangerous driving.

Both he and the Corsa driver needed medical treatment but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

Author: Harry Boucher
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