Lenny Henry suggests daughter won't inherit £5m fortune

Rosie Vare
"Rudy's Rare Records" - Photocall
"Rudy's Rare Records" - Photocall

Lenny Henry has suggested that his daughter, Billie, won't be inheriting any of his £5 million fortune.

The comedian appears to believe it doesn't do children of wealthy people any good to be left excessive amounts of money.

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He said: "Quite a lot of wealthy people now do this thing of not giving their children any money. There is a thing of not over-privileging your children if you are very, very rich because how are they going to learn? How are they going to learn to stick up for themselves? So it's probably right."

Billie, 23, was adopted by Lenny Henry and Dawn French, who divorced in 2010.

The 56-year-old actor, who is best known for co-founding the popular charity Comic Relief, is not the first celebrity to go against traditional inheritance.

Nigella Lawson, Sting and Simon Cowell are all reported to have said their children won't be getting their hands on their vast empires.

Music mogul, Cowell, has said in the past that he 'doesn't believe' in inheritance. He also suggested that he would like to leave his massive £225 million fortune to charity instead of to his only son, Eric, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Nigella Lawson has previously commented on the issue as well, saying: "I am determined that my children should have no financial security.

"It ruins people not having to earn money."

Scottish entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne, has also said that he wants to donate his money to charity but fellow Dragon Theo Paphitis is worried that his five children wouldn't be able to cope without the luxury they have been afforded growing up.

According to the Mirror, Anthony Andrews, who stars with Henry in the upcoming drama The Syndicate, said: "It is illustrated all over the place with people who inherited money and don't really know what to do with it.

"It changes their personality, people change the way they view the world, it changes their work ethic, it changes everything, so I think it is a big responsibility."

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