Video: Take a sneak peek at the cars in Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

The fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise may have arrived some 30 years after the previous film when it landed in cinemas yesterday, but it looks set to make just as big a bang, with its fair share of menacing vehicles hitting the desert.
Taking inspiration from the previous movies' apocalyptic vision of the world, Fury Road is packed with everything from monstrous muscle cars, to pumped up Minis, classic American trucks, the odd two-wheeler and even the same 1970s Ford Coupe Interceptor that starred in the first Mad Max film.

With 130 vehicles created for the movie's stunt scenes – which saw dozens of cars destroyed in crashes and explosions – and driving scenes that were carried out for real, this should be a safe hit with petrolheads.

This $150 million (£95.5 million) production is stuffed with car chases and stars Brit Tom Hardy as Max alongside Charlize Theron in a battle between brutal muscle cars, armoured trucks and a monster truck for good measure.

Have a peek at the machines you can expect to see in the film, in the video below.

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