Video: Wife gets revenge on husband with £51,000 in driving fines

Saudi wife clocks up parking fines in revenge

A Saudi woman has racked up more than £51,000 in traffic fines in her husband's car after he married a new bride.
The furious woman took her husband's car while he was still at his second wedding - in Saudi where having multiple wives is permitted - and got her brother to repeatedly jump red lights, setting off the cameras, reports the Daily Mail.

A video of the law breaking was caught by a fellow motorist, which shows the pickup truck stopped at red traffic lights, driving forward to set off the traffic light camera, before reversing and doing this again.

The brother and sister continued to break the law in the husband's car into the night, clocking up fines of around 300,000 Saudi Riyals (more than £51,000).

With this erratic driving catching the attention of other drivers and the husband being surrounded by friends and family at a wedding, with numerous witnesses to back up his story, it is possible that the woman and her brother will be forced to pay the fines.

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