Video: Steering wheel falls off mid rally, driver keeps going

Steering wheel falls off during rally

If there is one part of a car that you definitely can't do without – apart from tyres and an engine, that is – it would have to be the steering wheel, surely.
However, one Polish rally driver doesn't seem to think that even this basic feature is a necessity, after the wheel came off in his hands during a race.

Rather than park up and wait for help, this stubborn racer spent a few fruitless seconds attempting to reattach the sheared-off wheel, before simply setting off again and using his gloved hands to manhandle the steering column around.

Unsurprisingly, after getting himself back on track his speed was a little lower than before, with the effort needed to steer the car dramatically increased, but kudos to him for not letting the small matter of his wheellessness stop him from finishing the race.

Take a look at the action for yourself in the video below.

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