Video: Driver passes out, miraculously doesn't hit anything

Passed out driver crashes into field

A driver who passed out at the wheel while on the motorway has amazingly managed to avoid injury after careering into a field and back towards the road.
While Police Camera Action-style shows are full of reckless drunk drivers causing carnage on the roads, this motorist passed out while at the wheel due to a "previously unknown medical condition", causing him to veer off the Tarmac and into a field.

Narrowly avoiding a telegraph pole and roadside marker, the unlucky Ford Mustang owner ended up whizzing across the grass and smashing through a small fence, before ending up heading back towards the road.

Thankfully the steep bank up towards the road, sent the car off towards the field again, as the driver regains consciousness.

This wasn't the end of the driver's issues, though, as his comprehensive insurance coverage had just come to an end, leaving him unable to fully insure it until the paperwork came through.

See the crash for yourself in the video below.

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