Video: Carpenter and son create wooden car capable of 75mph

Father and son build wooden car

A carpenter and his son in India have spent two months – working up to 12 hours a day – creating a wooden car that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 75mph.
Amandeep and Mohinder Singh, from Patiala in the far north of the country, meticulously crafted the car by hand, using hundreds of planks, moulded around the engine and coated with layers of varnish for a deep sheen.

Father Mohinder, 55, decided to start building the car after 23-year-old son Amandeep wondered whether it would be possible to make a car out of wood.

Talking about his decision, Mohinder said: "We see all the other metal cars running on the road every day - but I wanted to make a wooden car that would be unique.

Carpenter creates wooden car
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Video: Carpenter and son create wooden car capable of 75mph

"From the engine to carving the teak wood - everything was done at home as we couldn't afford a workshop."

The father and son sourced a small 800cc engine before setting about their work, opting to use teak for its attractive finish.

Now complete, the petrol-powered machine can hit motorway speeds and can be driven in the rain – providing the occupants don't mind getting wet.

Mohinder and Amandeep have become local celebrities, with people queuing up to request that the pair build a similar car for them. As a result, the men are planning to turn their wooden car creation into a business.

Amandeep said: "I would like to make more vintage cars and I'll prepare their designs. I will combine the vintage appearance of wood to create a new look for these cars.

"With my father's help I will build a lot more cars out of wood - there is a lot more to come in the future."

Carpenter and son create wooden car from Blackball Media on Vimeo.

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