Tap-happy tot costs dad £50,000 payout

Damian Clarkson

A father has jokingly told his child he will "never go to university" after the tot unwittingly cost him a £50,000 windfall.

Gary Walter had placed a £10 accumulator bet on 13 football results on Bet365 mobile app. The first three results went his way, and that's when things went terribly wrong.

Mr Walter reportedly left his phone on his son three-year-old son Archie's lap as he was strapping him into the car seat, with the mobile betting app still on screen. Archie duly tapped the 'cash out' button, which essentially scraps your bet in return for a small payout.

"What the hell's happened?"

"I left him in the back seat next to my phone briefly and when I picked up my phone again and got in the front seat it said I had cashed in on £6.99," he explained to the Daily Mail.

"I was like 'what the hell's happened', and then I realised.

"Archie just loves the yellow button on the app and even since then he has been trying to tap it. He just sees the yellow button and goes for it"

After a couple more correct results trickled in, Mr Walter's potentially earnings had jumped to £500.

"It just got worse and worse as result after result came in," he said.

Better luck next time

The 13th result on Mr Walter's accumulator was a Premier League match between Hull and Arsenal. He had predicted a Arsenal win; a correct result there would mean his son had cost him a windfall of £49,435.

"I had Arsenal down to win so knowing I didn't have the bet, I was kind of praying for Hull to get a result," he told the Mail.

"It was three nil to Arsenal at half time so I just turned the TV off. I was too stunned for words.

"After it all happened I said to Archie "you're not going to university", but I was joking obviously."

"There's no point telling him off, he's too young to understand. I've got another accumulator on this weekend so we'll see what happens."

'This would have paid for our wedding and a deposit on a house.'

He added that he cannot wait to tell Archie what he did when he is older

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