O2, writing about gender equality, accidentally tweets about 't*ts'

Sarah Coles
O2 on Twitter
O2 on Twitter

Mobile giant O2 suffered an embarrassing Twitter gaffe yesterday. Its careers Twitter account was advertising an article on gender diversity written by its HR Director, Ann Pickering, and meant to tweet "Our HR Director talks about the gender split & its importance at O2." Unfortunately an extra t at the beginning of the word 'its' meant red faces all round.

The tweet was sent out yesterday, and although it was quickly deleted, it had already been retweeted more than 200 times. Twitter users were quick to enjoy the company's mistake. The hashtag #titsimportance started spreading. A number of Twitter users agreed it was the "best typo ever", while another added: "We can all say we lived through the great O2 Twitter typo debacle of 2015 "

The company spokesman said: "We have removed the tweet after it was published with a typo and have now tweeted an apology."
Twitter typos

It's not the first time that someone has come unstuck because of a typo on social media.

Last month John Grason Turnbull III, a criminal lawyer from Maryland, published a new Facebook advert. Unfortunately he omitted the word 'lawyer' in one key position, so it read: "Let Baltimore Criminal John Grason Turnbull III fight to protect your rights."

We reported in December on the make-up super-brand Sephora, which opened its first Australian store by setting up a 'countdown to beauty', counting down the days. Unfortunately when it went online on Facebook, the hashtag #countdowntobeauty was written with the first o missing - and social media was swift and merciless in its response.

In October last year, when 17-year-old education campaigner Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize, supermodel Naomi Campbell tried to tweet her congratulations. Unfortunately for her, autocorrect stepped in, so instead of congratulating Malala she managed to send her congratulations to Malaria.

A year earlier, The Sun was tweeting about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, but a moment of inattention meant it accidentally paired up Michael Jackson with the Welsh actress. It produced the surprising tweet: "Michael Jackson says his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones is fine."

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