Mazda drivers charged £71.99 to change light bulb

Cost to change headlight bulbs

Car owners could be forced to pay through the nose for simple tasks such a changing a light bulb, research by Auto Express has found.
Mazda owners could be faced with a bill of more than £70 in labour alone to fit a new headlight bulb, with Mini owners potentially being charged more than £60.

This study anonymously contacted hundreds of franchised dealers across the country to obtain quotes for fitting headlight bulbs for the 50 bestselling cars in the UK. It's not just the cost but the variety of fees that stands out in this study, however, but some car brands' charges varied wildly depending upon the dealership.

The average figure charged by dealers varied by nearly £20, with some providing free labour, others offering free bulbs and yet more presenting drivers with extortionate bills. The biggest range of costs came for the Nissan Qashqai, with the cheapest showroom charging £5.40 to change a bulb and the most expensive wanting £50.

Next in line was the Renault Captur, with one dealer providing the service for free while yet another sought £40. Renault dealers also couldn't agree whether this repair work was covered under their cars' warranties either, reports Auto Express.

At the other end of the scale, the companies which charged the most consistent prices were Volkswagen, with the nine dealers contacted all asking for £16.40 to change a bulb on Golf, Polo and Passat models. In second position was Skoda, with prices varying from £15 to £16, while Volvo prices varied from £10.08 to £15 for the XC90.
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