The Friday 15 vol. 31

Welcome to The Friday 15 vol. 31, a selection of the most interesting and entertaining pictures, videos and articles from the last week on

Five pictures

1. BBC line up Top Gear 'dream team'

2. Pop star posts revealing bag pic


Find out who posted this online

3. Plus-sized model wades into 'bikini body' ad row

4. Holiday snaps taken more than a century ago

5. Tory flyer typo is a classic

Five videos

1. Hours of fun

Curious German Shepherd Paws at Cat in a Box

2. Woops! Freudian slip from Mr Cameron
Cameron Gaffe: This Is a Real Career-Defining Election

3. At least wear a helmet
Guy Falls Attempting Wheelie on His ATV

4. Watch for his look of surprise
10-Year-Old Ballet Dancer Performs Amazing Pirouette

5. What a load of rubbish!
Goalkeeper Almost Throws Ball in Own Goal

Five articles
1. Beginning of the end for 'unexpected item in bagging area'?
2. Car manufacturers ranked on models' second-hand reliability
3. Lottery winner blows £2m on wife's passion
4. Airbnb couple return to find house wrecked by orgy
5. Chris Evans misses show after being barred from flight

That's our Friday 15 for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

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