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Dear Fixer,
We have recently returned from a Caribbean cruise with Thomson, one of the highlights of which for us was to be a day spent in St John's, Antigua.

However, the ship developed a mechanical problem that meant that we ended up staying overnight and the next morning at Basseterre while it was fixed.

The captain therefore decided he had to miss out St John's and go straight to Roseau Dominica, as we would have too great a distance to cover to get back to Barbados for our flight home.

I phoned and emailed Thomson to ask if there was any chance of a refund or compensation of some sort, as it was a port we were particularly looking forward to and the lost day was due to a fault with the ship rather than bad weather, for example.

But I was effectively, if very politely, told "tough". We didn't pay a huge amount for the 2 week holiday, but I had hoped they might offer us a few pounds off our next holiday. Can you help?

N Baker, Sandford

Dear Mrs Baker,

Following my intervention, Thomson has apologised for the missed port on your cruise.

"We're sorry to hear Mrs Baker was unhappy with her cruise experience," it said.

By way of compensation, it has offered you a £100 voucher off our next holiday with the company, which you have accepted.

The Fixer

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