Can you get a better return from secret Cash ISAs?
Can you get a better return from secret Cash ISAs?
Can you get a better return from secret Cash ISAs?

It's no secret that Cash ISA returns are not exactly thrilling at the moment. But there are a few little-known accounts out there paying some decent rates. The trouble is you'll need to jump through some hoops to get them.


The Yorkshire/Clydesdale Cash ISA Fixed Rate Bond Private gives guaranteed interest of 2.65% AER until 31st August 2018. You just need to put in a minimum of £2,000 and you can transfer a balance from any other provider. To put that into context, currently the top three-year Cash ISA rate available elsewhere pays 2.30% from Punjab National Bank.

However, these ISAs are only open to private members. To qualify for private membership, you'll need average individual yearly earnings of at least £75,000, joint incomes of £100,000 or investable assets of £100,000. There's also a hefty £25 monthly fee to pay.


The HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA is only available to HSBC Premier account holders. It is an easy access ISA and offers a rate of 1.60% AER, which includes a bonus of 1.09% for the first 12 months. That rate is only bettered by the Punjab National Bank.

After that, it reverts to 0.50%.


The Nationwide Flexclusive ISA offers an impressive 1.6% for a minimum balance of £1. The catch? This instant access ISA is only available to holders of FlexOne, FlexAccount, FlexDirect or FlexPlus account. Again, it's a rate only bettered by the Punjab National Bank.

First Direct

If you have at least £30,000 in savings and are a First Direct 1st Account current account holder, you're eligible for the First Direct Cash ISA.

You can get a rate of up to 1.50%, though the rate you get depends on your balance. So you get 1.30% on balances of £1-£14,999 and 1.40% on balances between £15,000 and £29,999 and 1.50% if you have a big ISA with at least £30,000 in there.

Ecology Building Society

People who have been members of the Ecology Building Society prior to 7th June 2013 can get 1.50% on a minimum £25 deposit with the Foundations Cash ISA. To get the deal, you can't have withdrawn your membership in this time.

Harpenden Building Society

Those who have been members of the Harpenden Building Society dating back to before 22nd March 2013 can get 1.50% returns on a minimum £1 investment with the Harpenden Building Society Simply ISA. The account is accessible in-branch and by post.

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Progressive Building Society

The Clockwork Regular ISA Saver account gives you a handsome 2.75% AER if you invest between £20 and £1,720 per month. That's the best rate around on a regular saver ISA.

To get this rate, you need to be an existing member or a new customer living in Northern Ireland.

Vernon Building Society

If you put between £25 and £500 a month into Vernon Building Society's Regular Saver ISA account, you'll get a 2.50% return on your money. You can make a maximum of two withdrawals per year and you need £25 to open the account. This one is better for a smaller savers as you can only save up to £6,000.

However, you have to live within a 25-mile radius of Stockport to take up this offer.

Monmouthshire Building Society

The Monmouthshire Building Society Cash ISA is available to those who live local to a branch, meaning that you must live in the following postcode areas: NP, CF, SA, LD, WR, GL, HR, BS. Existing customers can apply too.

On this account, you can get a 1.50% return on a minimum deposit of £10.

Just remember that transfers from other ISA providers are not permitted.

Loughborough Building Society

The Loughborough Building Society Instant Access Cash ISA Issue 2 gives you 1.40% on a minimum £1 deposit with no upper limit.

It's only available to new members who live in the LE, DE, and NG postcodes as well as existing members of the building society.

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