Audi customer given free meal as compensation runs up £714 bill

Audi A3 Convertible

An Audi driver who was offered a 'free meal' after her car was damaged by a delivery truck at the dealership, ran up a bill for more than £700 after choosing to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant.
A spokesman from the garage stated that the £714.61 total was "excessive expenditure for two diners", with the dealership offering to pay half of the bill as it was "keen to make amends", reports the BBC.

Siobhan Yap from Hertfordshire – whose £20,000 second hand Audi A3 convertible was damaged at the Audi main dealer before she could pick it up – was offered a courtesy car and repairs to her new car, along with a free meal for two to apologise "for the inconvenience caused".

Rather than making a visit to a local restaurant, however, Ms Yap headed to high-end L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in London's expensive Covent Garden. The 27-year-old not only treated her mother to dinner but splashed out on four glasses of champagne, two £69 bottles of wine, six cocktails for £86 along with a sloe gin.

The women also purchased a number of pricey 'small tasting dishes' according to the BBC, including La Truffe Noire for £35, a pair of scallop dishes for £29 each and two risottos which totaled £42.

Explaining her decision to go for such a lavish meal, Ms Yap told BBC Three Countries Radio's JVS show that Audi should have paid the whole bill after the car needed to be sent for additional repairs, saying that the £714.61 bill was "relative to what they put me through and their customer service levels" adding that the dealership should have "specified a price limit" if they had an issue with the bill.
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