Is this what Princess Charlotte will look like when she grows up?

Forensic Artist Gives Us A Glimpse At The Future Princess

A forensic scientist has used images of Princess Charlotte's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to predict what she will look like as a young girl.

Despite being just four days old, thanks to Washington-based forensic artist Joe Mullins we might just have an idea of how Charlotte will look as a 10-year-old.

He predicts that the princess will have Kate Middleton's hair and nose and the Duke's chin and lips. The estimate also shows that the child will have green-blue eyes, which is a mixture of both her mother and father.

Mr Mullins said he took recent pictures of the Duke and Duchess, and took account of their colouring, and predominant genes and outstanding features, such as Kate's olive skin, William's ears, and their clear complexions.

He told the Daily Mail his prediction process is highly scientific: 'For Kate and William's baby - I think there is a lot of good genes in the mix there. There is a science behind the process. The darker features are more dominant with Kate's olive skin and dark hair.'

Mr Mullins trained as a graphic artist before he joined the police working on age progressions of missing children. His work has helped trace countless missing children over the 11 years he has worked in forensics.

But when he is not hard at work in the serious day job, he enjoys creating 'fun but scientific forecasts' forecasting how celebrities will look when they are older and how their children might look.

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