Video: A day in the life of a London cabbie

Pounding the streets day after day, taxi drivers get a unique view of life on their patch. Now a London cabbie has compiled a series of clips from his dash cam, to give a taste of life ferrying passengers around the world's finest capital city.

From the usual motoring annoyances of inattentive drivers and fender-benders, to the more unusual police chases and street brawls he encounters, Hackney Carriage driver TaxiWarrior documents everything and uploads it onto his YouTube channel.

One brazen individual is even clocked flagging the cabbie over to ask if he can sort out a little Columbian marching powder. Wisely, TaxiWarrior politely declines.

Explaining how he remains so calm in the face of a daily onslaught of dozy pedestrians and angry drivers, TaxiWarrior simply says: "I have seen everything and nothing surprises me anymore."

Would you stay so relaxed? Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

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