Rally duo escape brutal crash uninjured

Rally crash

Trees – as any young driver who's totaled their car will tell you – are best avoided. Those pesky feats of nature are nearly always on hand to remind you just how bad your driving is, by stopping a car (and normally the driver) dead.
Rally drivers are at particular risk from this roadside evil, what with all their traversing through forests at break-neck speeds. Inevitably, things sometimes go wrong and the usual results are, at best, a mangled car and at worse, a fatality.

Thankfully, modern rally cars are built to shrug off mere immovable objects, as was proven at the recent Rally Ronde de La Durance. Unsettled by a mid-corner bump, the Citroen C2 of Yoan Droumenq and Gabriel Durand veers off towards a bank at high speed, before being catapulted into the air and then stopped in its tracks by a tree.

Despite the violence of the impact, the pair managed to free themselves from the twisted hatchback unscathed. We doubt it'd be the same story if you tried the same thing in your road-going Citroen C2. Check out crash as it happened below.

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