Midget Wotsits found lurking in Mix-Up bag

Emma Woollacott
Beverly Sharp with her miniature Wotsit
Beverly Sharp with her miniature Wotsit

Something's going wrong with our snacks, with reports of unnaturally tiny Wotsits appearing around the nation.

Walkers Wotsits, as everybody knows, are supposed to be about an inch and a half long with a pleasingly chubby girth. But when Suffolk resident Beverly Sharp, 50, bought a £1 packet of Walkers Mix-Ups in a local Morrisons store as a little treat, she was in for a surprise.

Just half an inch long, and skinny as a supermodel, the Wotsits inside were a dud.

"My husband and I were just eating a packet of our favourite crisps when we got to the bottom of the bag and found these two mini Wotsits. We were shocked when we first saw them, but we both just thought it was really funny," Mrs Sharp tells Metro.

"I showed my daughter as well and she burst out laughing. We are not annoyed with Walkers, and we did not complain or take the crisps back to the shop."

Mrs Sharp's not the only person to encounter the shrunken cheesy crisps in recent weeks: Derbyshire mother of three Ayesha Bhatti, 29, also found some hiding away at the bottom of a packet in March. Hers were even smaller.

"'I think these ones could possibly be the smallest in the world. They certainly wouldn't fill you up but I suppose they're good if you're on a diet," she told the Daily Mail.

In this case, the tiny Wotsits are obviously caused by a production error. However, British snacks are undoubtedly shrinking. Two years ago, for example, Mars and Cadbury quietly sneaked a few chocolates out of their Mars Celebrations and Cadbury's Heroes Christmas tubs - without cutting the price.

More recently, Cadbury has cut the number of Creme Eggs in a multipack from six to five, taken 20g off the Dairy Milk bar and removed 125g of chocolates from tins of Roses. Last month, it cut two chocolate fingers from its packets: "in response to consumer demand," said the manufacturer.

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