Mary Berry gives Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck thumbs down

Arqiva British Academy Television Awards - Arrivals - London
Arqiva British Academy Television Awards - Arrivals - London

Heston Blumenthal's restaurant has been named one of the world's best - but Mary Berry has admitted that she is not its biggest fan.

The Fat Duck was awarded its third Michelin star in January 2004.

But Great British Bake Off judge Berry, 80, told The Radio Times magazine that she preferred more humble cuisine. WORDS: PA.

"I don't go to fancy Michelin-starred restaurants often," she said.

"The Waterside Inn in Bray is where we go for celebrations, but somewhere like The Fat Duck (which is also in Bray) wouldn't be my first choice...

"I've only been once but it's for the really strong foodies that want a lot of experimental food. That's not really me," she told the magazine.

Asked about her favourite TV chefs, she added: "I love Michel Roux Jr and James Martin - the chefs who are experts in their own right, like Rick Stein on fish.

"But I don't watch them very much because I don't think it's fair for my husband to be in a total food environment all the time! So we watch programmes about gardening more."

She said of her TV viewing habits: "I used to watch Coronation Street but it was totally different then. I don't really want to watch the stuff that goes on now - the fighting, the drama, the stories about rape, children out of wedlock...

"That may be as life is, but I don't really want to know. I want something a little bit happier on my television, something gentle that's not going to disturb and worry me."

Berry said that she has "always insisted on meals around the table in the kitchen".

She added: "Then they can go and watch the telly. I don't want food all over the place, down the sides of the sofa... When I shared a flat before I got married, we would always eat around the telly, but not now!"

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