Labour workers being paid less than Living Wage

Rosie Vare
General Election 2015 campaign - May 3rd
General Election 2015 campaign - May 3rd

Labour have been put in an embarrassing position after it was revealed that certain staff working at the party's head office were not being paid the Living Wage.

Security guards employed through Axis Security were only being paid £7.65 an hour to patrol the Newcastle base, the Express reports.

Currently the Living Wage for London is £9.15 an hour and £7.85 an hour for the rest of the UK.

In the run up to the election all three of the major parties have called for the Living Wage to be brought in.

The party have since admitted the oversight and have said that the pay for the security guards will be backdated to make up for the error.

A spokesman for the Labour party said: "The Labour Party is an accredited Living Wage employer.

"Because all our employees and staff contracted to work for the Labour Party are paid the Living Wage, we are ensuring Axis staff in Newcastle are paid the Living Wage."

The party was at the centre of another controversy earlier in the year when it became apparent that some Labour controlled councils were employing staff on zero hours contracts, the Daily Mail reports.

This was a confusing turn of events given that Ed Miliband had previously said that the Labour government would instigate a rule that meant anyone who worked regular hours for 12 weeks would have to be paid a normal contract.

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